take a humble Scalextric Mondeo from the 1997 range....

The most boring Mondeo in my colection, but underneath we've a got a Slot-It V12 kicking out 29,000rpm through light weight aliminium alloys waring trued ProSlot rubber. rather fast!
and from the rear...
The Mondeo GT concept, lowered by 10mm 9even if the pic doesn't make it look like that) with enlarged wheel arches. 35,00 rpm motor, slot-it axle system, light weight body, GT rear wing. Super magnets.
Competed in Open Racing at Slot-Tech Raceway against F1, Indy and GT cars. Large high speed pile up on straight caused server damage. Rear axle smashed out of place and rear of body snapped in places.
What was left of the car was put together for an end of season event. To fly the car out of the club room. A ramp was built and the car flew in the car park, hitting a Vauxhall Nova in it's path.
Mondeo Limo, simply for fun! All parts remain standard apart from 3 inches being added in length. The car runs surprisingly well and sparked interest for a small championship, which was quite successful!
the chassis (pictured) extended with a 15cm plastic ruler. Simple and cheap!